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SMO Ukraine

SMO-Ukraine Agency LLC and its warehouses were established in 2004, aiming to provide a dedicated and specialized service to the Pharmaceutical industries and CRO companies within the rapidly expanding Ukrainian clinical trials market. Soon it gained a reputation as a leading provider of logistics services for clinical trials in Ukraine. At the end of 2018, by increasing of cold storage capacity, the SMO Group can claim that the company has the biggest state-of-the-art facility in Ukraine.
By market share in 2018, among companies providing clinical trials supply services in Ukraine, the SMO Group has taken the leading role.

Ukraine country information

Ukraine is the largest country in Eastern Europe, having borders with 6 countries. Ukraine has about 45 million residents.
In the Eastern European market, Ukraine is noteworthy due to its’ twenty years of experience in running international clinical trials. Even so it has gained only 15% of its patient potential. It still affords easy access to patients, producing typically strong recruitment rates, with an overall per patient cost that is less than in Western Europe.
Due to several important positi ve changes such as harmonization of its Clinical Trials legislation in accordance with the respective EU Guidelines, and qualified investigators providing high-quality study results, — Ukraine remains as one of the most interesting regions for conducting Clinical Trials.

Excellent reasons to choose Ukraine as a location for your clinical trials:

  • According to expert analysis. The pharmaceutical field is still considered to be one of the most attractive for investment.
  • Scientists together with the manufacturers are deeply interested in the development of the industry in general.
  • Ukrainian professionals are a symbiosis between chemists, pharmacologists, toxicologists and pharmacists who are known to have an optimistic view of the future.
  • The Legislative and regulatory aspects are constantly developing and improving. This fact, together with the growing number of clinical trials, ensures that the environment will constantly become better and more favourable.