Tuberculosis Genetic Code Was Deciphered

A breakthrough in treating tuberculosis was made by British researchers. For the first time an understanding of the genetic code of the disease is as detailed as possible, which will provide patients with individualized therapy. Some countries have already approved the implementation of the results of this research into practical health care.

The largest study on the genome of tuberculosis has been completed. It involved more than 10,000 tuberculosis genome types in 16 countries of the world, including European countries with an increased level of resistance to treatment. Scientists claim that deciphering the genetic code of the disease will bring a more effective treatment to millions of patients.

According to the report, the understanding of the genetic code of tuberculosis is now so detailed that one of the many drugs may be prescribed to a specific person with a strong confidence in a favorable outcome.

The World Health Organization has set a goal to reduce drug resistance to tuberculosis by 2035. This is a global problem, since antibiotics against tuberculosis are being prescribed for over 70 years already. Personalized therapy may solve this problem by reducing the use of unnecessary antibiotics, tailoring the treatment for each patient.

This method has been inaccessible to the majority of patients to date. It took from several weeks to several months to find out which of the drugs would be effective for a particular patient. Now this trial and error method is no longer needed.

The results of the study have already led to a number of decisions in the field of health care in England, the Netherlands, and the USA, regarding the introduction of a new therapy scheme in the medical institutions of these countries. Scientists are confident that this will provide people with an effective personalized treatment and reduce the problem of resistance of one of the most common infectious diseases.

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