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Patient transfer and care

After thirteen years of hard work and enterprise to establish the clinical trials industry, we can confidently say that Ukraine, Georgia and Israel are now fully aware of the relevance and importance of clinical trials. We are now in a position to question, not only the feasibility of a study in these countries but also the quality of the process and all its constituent parts.

It is certainly true that there is an awareness that the research process has some imperfections. Furthermore, the quality of the research process appears to be based on an ad hoc system of control, checking, improvement and development on a day to day basis.

SMO Group is pleased to offer a new and fully transparent system for the monitoring and improvement of clinical research in Ukraine. SMO GROUP can now offer a specialised organisation of patient nutrition and taxi based transport service for patients undergoing clinical trials. The service has been created as a significant part of the framework for the site management program, and more importantly, in this case, the special focus is on the actual people and patients involved.

SMO Group can now provide a pre-planned, non-emergency taxi service for those patients who are involved in clinical trials. For those who have a medical condition that would give them great difficulty in traveling to the sites or those who require the support or assistance during the journey, this service is truly groundbreaking. In some cases, without this service, it may prevent them from being able to travel at all.

Organisation of nutritional food for patients assures the sponsors' confidence, timely and proper support for the participants as well as care for their health, which is an extreamly important component of each project.

Fundamental advantages

  • This service is fully compliant with current quality standards
  • Handling of an application and obtaining confirmation from the patient
  • We are able to arrange collection within an hour with great punctuality
  • An escort into the specific clinic that the patient is attending
  • Waiting during a visit and escorting the patient back to their home
  • Trained staff, comfortable cars and an efficient and, above all, safe trip
  • Delivery of food in special boxes to ensure hygiene and required dish temperature
  • Time savings for the doctors
  • Transparent payment system.

SMO Group is the first logistic service provider offering this unique service for clinical trials that really focuses on the care of patients as people.

Lastly, this initiative by the SMO GROUP, demonstrates, through its’ continuous development of a comprehensive network of services, its commitment to the clinical trials industry.


 This is a standard process that conforms to standard conditions that are fully compliant with global and local legal requirements. A dedicated phone line is available for any information or support of any kind that may be required:
+380 67 829 52 13

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