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Nursing Service

Clinical trials are becoming very specific in the developing drug market and are now becoming more patient-oriented, with more companies worldwide introducing a ‘Patient-Centric’ approach, focusing on the patient`s needs and interests in the clinical trial, as this may be the only chance for a cure by innovative medicines.

It is critical for sponsors that the clinical trial process flow is uninterrupted and in accordance with the protocol schedule, but for a number of reasons, patients may face difficulties to visit sites within the required timelines. For example, those who take care of children, too sick to travel, or live far from the Investigators site. In order to remove the burden of a site visit, a new service of ‘Study Nurse at Home’ has been introduced.

A trained study nurse can reduce the doctors’ workload and allow for a more comfortable patient experience, especially if the visit does not require the presence of a physician and if essential equipment is already in place. A study nurse can perform, in the patient`s home all that is essential with protocol requirements, customized visit materials, and a precise quality control.

Experienced and Certified Study Nurses can perform procedures at the patient`s home, such as:

  • Collecting bio-samples and timely delivery to the clinical trial Site
  • Taking accurate temperatures, ECG and blood pressure measurements
  • Training patients to self-administer their own medicines

At SMO Group, we can see that this service may cover a wider range of patient needs, but primarily it is focused on the smooth running of a Clinical Trial for both sides.

SMO Group is leading the way in patient-centric activities in Ukraine and Georgia offering Study Nurse at Home services, in accordance with global trends.


All of our warehouses include controlled temperature storage, site distribution, 24/7 security and backup power generators.

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We transport with quality and care using up-to-date technology to monitor shipments. Our personnel are highly trained.

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Patients are escorted by trained staff, transfered quickly and safely, to and from clinics. Fast telephone booking service.

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