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Patient centricity

Patient-centricity and Direct to Patient (DTP) are all part of the SMO Group Patient Centric Program.

The meaning of patient-centricity means, every decision that will affect the patient will be at the center of all the activities of the trial. There is no magic formula as each individual is different and there are many variants that have to be aligned with the interest of the patient.

The SMO patient-centric approach consists of several services including patient recruitment and retention, patient transportation, patient nutrition and this is only the beginning because as the technology moves ahead, we can observe precise focusing on each patient in every study.

SMO organise the provision of these services at the appropriate stage considering its level of expertise and previous experience. These kinds of services are a bridge of understanding between patient and sponsors; so that all partners concerned are in complete harmony.

The quality of data in all studies has become higher and verified by corporate audits and inspections. Moreover, with the new services offered by the business unit of SMO, sponsors can be assured that their IMP is in safe hands, patients are fed and delivered on time.


All of our warehouses include controlled temperature storage, site distribution, 24/7 security and backup power generators.

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We provide import/export regulatory and customs support, delivery and transport, materials and equipment.

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We transport with quality and care using up-to-date technology to monitor shipments. Our personnel are highly trained.

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Patients are escorted by trained staff, transfered quickly and safely, to and from clinics. Fast telephone booking service.

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