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Demand led supply

Demand Led Supply is a new direction and a further model of successful clinical trials supply chain performed by SMO team at multi-country level. Having more than 13 years’ experience in cold chain deliveries for clinical trials SMO is ready to face a new approach and to rise to higher level of industry trends and time requirements.

This new model is driving routine responsiveness, flexibility and efficiency within the clinical supply chain. DLS as the model of the future will rely heavily on real-time data to drive greater efficiency and a truly dedicated experience for each particular study.

The SMO principle that underpins DLS is that production should be ‘pulled through’ rather than ‘pushed through’, making sure that optimal logistics solutions for each study are Provided.

This means that production should be for specific customer orders so that the final production cycle starts only once a customer has placed an order. SMO can perform and monitor this locally at every step of the way. Stocks are delivered when they are needed.

Consequently, this approach requires much more frequent delivery of stocks. Developing a DLS approach requires sophisticated planning and considerable experience in this field. This is why the SMO Group is leading the way in DLS.


All of our warehouses include controlled temperature storage, site distribution, 24/7 security and backup power generators.

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We provide import/export regulatory and customs support, delivery and transport, materials and equipment.

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We transport with quality and care using up-to-date technology to monitor shipments. Our personnel are highly trained.

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Patients are escorted by trained staff, transfered quickly and safely, to and from clinics. Fast telephone booking service.

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