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Our services

Import & Export

We will gladly share our expertise and choose the most suitable, fast and safe solutions to transport your valuable materials into and out of the country. In Ukraine, we provide translation services, as required.

Regulatory & Customs Support

During the whole life cycle of the study you trust us to handle, we provide legal support and share advice on helping to obtain permits and handle customs formalities, while anticipating potential challenges in advance.

All types of storage

By providing different types of controlled temperature storage, ambient, chilled, frozen, deep-frozen (+15ºC …+25ºC; +2ºC …+8ºC; -20ºC; -70ºC; -80ºC) we guarantee that IMP and trial materials are stored under 24/7 security and an emergency backup power system is in place. The automatic temperature & humidity monitoring system ensures the correct storage temperature and environment conditions are meet at all times.

Site distribution

We are able to receive orders from multiple sources, including sponsor, CRO's, and study sites. We can process orders via phone, fax, e-mail and various IWRS systems.

Own transport deliveries

We are fully aware that IMP and trial materials need specialist handling. Having more than 13 years of cold chain delivery experience we know how to ensure safe delivery of your products in the correct condition and at the right temperature.


Sourcing of comparators, rescue medications and ancillary clinical trials equipment. When it comes to the sourcing of the materials, our task is not only to scan the market for product availability, but also ensure the best cost and timely delivery.  This can also include the renting of equipment.