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SMO Israel

Due to the high demand of the services in Israel, SMO-Group has expanded its services to this country, which is a well-established region for innovative clinical research.

The Israeli facility became fully operational in 2011 and now provides its services to a variety of companies, conducting clinical trials in the country. The Quality of operation is confirmed by a GMP certificate granted by the Israeli MOH.

Today, Israel continues to strengthen its position as one of the major locations for global clinical trials. New regulation led to the implementation of the EU standards of clinical trials in Israel, as it is now in conformity with Eudralex, Annex 13.

Managing Director: Dror Sukenik

Israel country information

Israel is a perfect location for global clinical research, as it is characterized by a high urbanization rate, state of the art medical facilities, top medical staff and genetic diversity – all concentrated within a very small geographical area.

The Israeli government tends to support investigational medical research.

Israeli regulation ensures that EU standards are adhered to throughout the entire clinical study, ensuring a high performance level, together with patient safety.

SMO-Israel management and senior staff took an active part in the discussions preceding the formulation of the current Israeli regulations, governing logistics for clinical studies in the country, while presenting the perspective of the international industry..

Excellent reasons to choose Israel as a location for your clinical trials:

  • Israeli major medical sites are concentrated in a relatively small area and are easy to reach.
  • Israeli medical centres have a relatively large number of patients, thus recruitment for clinical trials is easier than elsewhere.
  • Israel is known for the high quality of its medical infrastructure.
  • Israel was approved by the FDA as a site for clinical trials.
  • Israel’s social security covers the vast majority of its citizens.
  • Israel is world renowned for its top level scientists, medical personnel and clinical GCP trained investigators.