British Medical Journal Helping Ukraine and Georgian Doctors

The Clinical Decision Support (CDS) initiative, a 3-year programme (2016-2019) to improve clinical decision making and healthcare management in Ukraine and Georgia.

The BMJ collaborates with the Ministries of Health to provide medical doctors with BMJ Best Practice and BMJ Learning, with online evidence-based decision support tools to improve their ability to detect, diagnose and manage patients.

BMJ Best Practice is a clinical decision support tool featuring guidance for over 1,000 clinical conditions, including communicable and non-communicable diseases, and related differential diagnoses. BMJ Best Practice is written by 4,000 international, independent, clinical experts and its content is continuously updated to reflect the best available evidence. Best Practice can be consulted online and offline, via a companion mobile application. Its content is also available to download in PDF format. Best Practice receives over 3 million online visits per year from users across 800 customers in more than 70 countries.

As part of the CDS initiative, the BMJ has established a wide network of contacts at a national level with the Ministry of health and medical universities, through which licences are provided to clinicians.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine plays a fundamental role in the CDS Initiative as BMJ partner and enabler of the initiative in the country. On July 2017 the BMJ and the Ministry of Health signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formalise the support of Government of Ukraine for the initiative, by endorsing the implementation of the initiative and, in the future, the accreditation of BMJ resources.

A Ukrainian Working Group was created to further support, guide and advise on the implementation of the CDS training initiative in Ukraine. The working group, headed by the Deputy Ministry of Health, has specific responsibilities relating to the delivery of BMJ’s implementation and sustainability plans, including championing the CDS training initiative, disseminating information, building awareness and support, as well as influencing key stakeholders and organizations to ensure successful implementation and ongoing adoption, usage and resourcing.

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