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SMO Ukraine

SMO-Ukraine Agency LLC and its warehouses were established in 2004, aiming to provide a dedicated and specialized service to the Pharmaceutical industries and CRO companies within the rapidly expanding Ukrainian clinical trials market.

After just a few years it has gained a reputation as a leading provider of logistics services for clinical trials in the Ukraine.

Ukraine country information

In the past 10 years the number of clinical trials in Ukraine has demonstrated rapid growth. In 2012, a record-breaking number of 213 international trials were reached with the participation of Ukrainians patients.

Ukraine still offers an attractive combination of relatively low logistics costs, access to a large native population and a high speed of enrolment. Moreover, the genetic similarity of Ukrainians to other European populations, proves to be beneficial when new drugs are tested that are specifically designed for the use of Europeans.

Ukraine has a perfect location as it is close to the EU countries, where large pharmaceutical companies and global logistics vendors have their base.

Deliveries of Investigational Medicinal Products and Clinical Trials Supply materials in Ukraine do not take more than two days. There are no significant climate differences between its various regions. Hence, fast deliveries with a low risk of temperature deviations are very probable.

Excellent reasons to choose Ukraine as a location for your clinical trials:

  • According to expert analysis. The pharmaceutical field is still considered to be one of the most attractive for investment.
  • Scientists together with the manufacturers are deeply interested in the development of the industry in general.
  • Ukrainian professionals are a symbiosis between chemists, pharmacologists, toxicologists and pharmacists who are known to have an optimistic view of the future.
  • The Legislative and regulatory aspects are constantly developing and improving. This fact, together with the growing number of clinical trials, ensures that the environment will constantly become better and more favourable.

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All of our warehouses include controlled temperature storage, site distribution, 24/7 security and backup power generators.

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We provide import/export regulatory and customs support, delivery and transport, materials and equipment.

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We transport with quality and care using up-to-date technology to monitor shipments. Our personnel are highly trained.

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Patients are escorted by trained staff, transfered quickly and safely, to and from clinics. Fast telephone booking service.

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