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SMO Russia

The SMO Group has increased the number of its depots and countries of operation, and recently has opened its depot in the Moscow region, Russia. The SMO Group provides Clinical trial logistics services of the highest quality in line with Global and local legislative requirements.

Russia country information

Russia has been actively involved in conducting international clinical trials for about 20 years. In 1998 it joined the WHO International Drug Control Program. Despite several challenges it is still considered a very promising country for international clinical trials.

Russia is considered to be an economical country for conducting clinical trial, which makes it attractive for CROs and sponsors. However, logistics can still be quite expensive. Russia is a big country and its infrastructure and transportation system are rather complex. Therefore, the delivery of drugs that require special storage conditions over long distances, can be a lengthy and expensive process. That is why the appearance of a new experienced player such as The SMO Group in Russian CT logistics market is a considerable advantage for research organizations.

Excellent reasons to choose Russia as a location for your clinical trials:

  • Access to a population of 148 million people
  • Relatively fast and high recruitment rates
  • Large number of sites
  • Access to facilities including academic centers and specialized hospitals
  • Involvement of educated, experienced and highly motivated medical staff
  • Cost effective clinical trials budgets, compared to the USA and Western Europe

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All of our warehouses include controlled temperature storage, site distribution, 24/7 security and backup power generators.

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We provide import/export regulatory and customs support, delivery and transport, materials and equipment.

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We transport with quality and care using up-to-date technology to monitor shipments. Our personnel are highly trained.

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Patients are escorted by trained staff, transfered quickly and safely, to and from clinics. Fast telephone booking service.

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